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9 emblematic personalities of Pigalle

Abel | Passionate Creative

Passion and heat driven, intense emotions, Abel speaks with fervor. It leaves little room for discretion. It crunches with envy or we love to hate. It can not be ignored. Let us follow Abel in the ...


Elsa | Neo Romantic

From a picturesque charm that seduces the eye and touch sensitivity, Elsa immediately evokes a sweet reverie, tender and melancholy at once. Let us follow the delicacy wake left by Elsa in the streets of ...


Gaspard | Timeless Elegant

Through his mind, his manners and his attitudes, Gaspard uses tricks to seduce. Simplicity is hardly part of its references, yet its charm of yesteryear is bewitching. Let's walk the streets of Pigalle with Gaspard. ...


Joao | Mysterious Spicy

By its beauty and originality, Joao is uncatchable Let's take a walk with Joao in Pigalle. Sweet Treat Sébastien Gaudard, the pastry chef who got his start alongside Pierre Hermé at Fauchon, offers ...


Marie | Bright Enthusiast

Easily excited and keen to exalt Marie arouse admiration. She is of these wise and curious minds that are fascinating. A concentrate of light. Let's walk with Marie in Pigalle.   Sweet Tooth A ...


Martin | Soft Dreamer

Absorbed in his reveries, Martin fascinates by its beauty charm and depth. Although it is difficult to catch his attention, you find yourself addicted to it.  Let’s walk Pigalle's streets with Martin. Sweet Treat ...


Simone | Free Spirit

Captivating and unfettered Simone is a wandering soul who knows how to enjoy life delights. Keen of new sensations, Simone likes to mix genres. Let's see where Simone's wanderings in Pigalle lead us. Morning Delight ...


Sophie | Sunshine

Happiness and light concentrate, Sophie illuminates hearts and minds. Light as air, it takes you into an irresistible movement. Let's follow Sophie in her Pigallian itinerary. Work your Style To work an original ...


Victor | The Essential

Lively and mischievous, Victor is a surprising character with a rich and hypnotic nature. Both men and women can not resist to its uniqueness and sensuality that surround you. Let's walk the streets of Pigalle ...

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