Olfactory horizons

Journey to the land of perfume

Know-how Made In France | Design in the city of Grasse | Scents from around the world

Olfactory horizons

Journey to the land of perfume

Know-how Made In France | Design in the city of Grasse | Scents from around the world

“It is said that every city, every country has its own scent.”

Charles Baudelaire

All our fragrances transcend the noble materials of Haute Parfumerie. We carefully select our ingredients from around the world, from the Grasse valley for the extraction of Rose Centifolia, Madagascar for vanilla pods and the island of Java for vetiver.

All our partners comply with an ethical charter, both in the process of harvesting natural ingredients and in the manufacture of our ingredients.


Tuscany, Italy

Its sweet and fragrant flesh is one of the least acidic among citrus fruits.

Clary sage


Very fragrant plant with long inflorescences in pastel pink and blue colors.


Andalusia, Spain

Refreshing and recognizable aroma, spicy with sweet and floral notes.

Tobacco leaves


The generous rays of the Cuban sun emphasize the qualities of the aromas for a unique, rich and complex flavor.

Fig leaf


An enchantment by the beauty of its antlers and the quality of its leaves.

Oud Sacré

South India

A precious elixir used for centuries for medicinal, spiritual and aesthetic purposes.

Cedar wood

Atlas, Morocco

Majestic evergreen with evergreen green leaves. A rather masculine identity, because it is woody and relatively strong.

Fresh peonies

Provence, France

Round flower with elegant curves and reflections that brings a room of sweet, even lemony scents.



A green, intense, powerful, vegetable smell with a slight smell of hay.



Refreshing, it brings a fruity, sweet flavor as well as an aquatic tone.



Amber offers multiple woody, camphor, musk, but also marine notes and brings warmth, tenacity and even a sweet sensuality.

Sandal wood


Woody, creamy, velvety, powdery, balsamic, milky, sweet, warm, sensual, slightly leathery, slightly animal…
The Sandalwood has an incredible tenacity.

Centifolia rose

Grasse, France

Rose of the month of May with a warm, spicy, honeyed odor where there is a slight hint of tobacco.



Powerful and rich, it has a very fine, sweetish and spicy taste, which can remind that of eucalyptus or bergamot.

Blackcurrant bud


It brings an absolute to the green, sulfur, sour, bitter and animal smell.

Wood of Iris


A subtly woody, dry, slightly pastel, violet and airy note.

Juniper berries


Small blackish scent berries with a spicy peppery, woody, aromatic, slightly resinous, pine flavor.

Pink pepper


As an alternative to black pepper, it brings a well peppery taste, both hot and spicy.

Oak moss


Used for its fixing functions, mainly for rich and warm notes.

Orange Blossom


White flower of the bigaradier, it warms and brightens the scents while bringing a sweet touch.