The curves and hollows seduced me and I just decided to stay. What a luxury to be a sculptor in the heart of Abbesses. What a treat to walk through these sloping streets while strolling aimlessly. What a pleasure to enter my workshop in Montmartre, to feel and smell wood, stone, clay, all these materials ready to be shaped. And outside, below… Paris!

My fragrance ?

A smoky accord of leather and Cuban tobacco leaves, exalted by sacred Indian Oud and Atlas cedar. To close in style, a warm and resinous note of cistus labdanum.

An addictive, powerful and mesmerizing elixir, shaped just for me.

Eau de parfum, 75 ml – 2.5 fl.oz

For every purchase of an Eau de Parfum, we offer you the sample of the same fragrance.  This way, you can experience the fragrance on your skin before opening the packaging.
In a very unlikely case of you wanted to return your purchase, please send us back within 14 days of purchase your unopened packaging and we will either refund or exchange it. Same-day delivery by bike messenger in Paris.