Web exclusive in this “Parisian Attitudes” collection, Gaspard is designed on the bottle to remain close to you at all time.

It’s a dream come true to design and decorate this apartment. It ‘s just across from the Luxembourg Garden. I see the stones, the light and subtle shadows that fill the garden. I can already imagine the furniture, the art pieces, and the color of the wallpapers. It must be my « dandy » side coming out.

What can I do, I like to please people and make them happy. Don’t you?

My fragrance ?

A fresh and timeless accord. A citrus chypre, mixing the softness of Sicilian tangerine and the timelessness of Andalusian neroli. At last, the power of cedarwood and the oakmoss magnify its aura.

An elegant, vintage and captivating cocktail, which fits me perfectly.

Eau de parfum, 75 ml – 2.5 fl.oz

For every purchase of an Eau de Parfum, we offer you the sample of the same fragrance.  This way, you can experience the fragrance on your skin before opening the packaging.
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